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07. Established Rahum Nanotech Co., Ltd.


08. Appeared in patent <Appearance No.: 10-2018-0090049>, Metal nanowire transparent electrode and manufacturing method thereof


08. Entered into an industrial education advisory contract with Yeungnam University 08. International PCT application for patent appearance in 157 countries


08. Moved into Gyeongbuk Tech Park ​ 11. Establishment of company-affiliated research institute <Yungnam University, industry-academic cooperation> ​


11. Technology transfer from Yeungnam University <Method of forming pattern of non-etching printing microelectrode>



03. Acquired certificate of corporate research institute [KOITA]

04. Approval of venture business confirmation <Small and Medium Business Corporation> ​


08. Acquired T-4 grade as an excellent company in technology evaluation [NICE evaluation information] ​


11. Patent registration <Registration number: No. 10-2051886>,, Transparent LED display device and manufacturing method  ​


12. Factory registration <Gimpo Master Biz Park No. 223>



01. Acquired ISO9001 certificate


04. Successfully developed and mass-produced Transparent LED display for 2LD small stores


06. Patent registration: A method of forming a pattern of non-etching printing microelectrodes


06~11 Global Start-up Accelerating 08. Successfully developed a transparent LED display that can be used as a general-purpose controller


12. Launched Dual-Screen HD Display



03. Transparent LED display development and release Dual display development and release


04. Advertisement media business hot place project


05. Dual display development and release


06. Advertisement medium (transparent/dual display) development and DEMO success


07. Success in crowdfunding (platform) recruitment


07. Apgujeong Rodeo Street The Paldang Pilot Installation


09. Participated in International Optical Convergence Expo (September 7th~9th 3 days)


09. AI/XR based interactive responsive signage development


05. Appeared in patent , Head-mounted AR device utilizing smartphone

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