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Rahum Meta is a specialized manufacturing company that develops and produces transparent LED digital signage and Dual D, a double-sided display, which are the core of the 21st century high-tech IT industry and digital industry. Since its establishment in July 2018, it has been focusing on research and development of high-resolution LED digital signage transparent panels and double-sided display devices, and has accumulated media installation and operation technologies, which are currently being used in domestic and overseas advertisements. Agencies and outdoor advertising companies and retail outlets. We are gradually expanding the market.

Beyond simple hardware manufacturing and supply, we provide a cloud environment CMS that stores using digital signage can easily create, edit, and transmit advertising content on their own in the Internet environment.

Through this, customers can easily and freely create customized promotional messages, promotional images, patterns, and even advertisement videos for each store.

Now, digital signage is preparing for the future to realize the metaverse by developing AI/XR-based interactive responsive signage and AR wearable devices and contents.

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